Golden Bird To Molested World

Dear India 2017 – Close Your Eyes And Imagine Your Future ≡ Disaster And Scary Right!

In last few years, my whole concept of India / Bharat / Hindustan / My Country – “सोने की चिड़िया ” has changed drastically. My history book said people invaded our country because it was land of prosperity, beauty, culture, heritage, the land of opportunity. But now it’s land of opportunist. I wont say being opportunist is bad. But to find this opportunity by following the path of mayhem, violence, social unrest, chaos is something my brain cannot save and interpret. A long inconclusive Friday night discussion with a friend left me wondering….    Where Exactly Are We Heading?

Ancient India was global trade hub and one of the wealthiest land between 1 A.D and 1000 A.D.  As a matter of fact Dravidian society was matriarchal and headed by warrior princesses.

What glorious days might have been those? Unlike now where 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012 which went up to 34,651 cases in 2015 (*NCRB). Data of highly under reported crime of this universe. Acharya Chanakya introduced us to ‘Economy’ in around 350 BCE. I wish he knew back then that increase in GDP would matter more to televisions and major media houses, than worrying about increasing rape, robbery, murder, cyber-crime, money laundering, farmers suicide, social unrest, lynching and the list is endless. Several lynching cases have been registered in past couple of years. Majority where for minority communities. We know who is or isn’t in favour of certain religious group.  But in today’s world where we are looking forward be getting back our glorious days, I would say CBSE gave me all wrong knowledge.

We are not a democratic country any more, we might be on papers but it’s not an on ground reality. From a generation where राजा would go and pray for fertile land for his beloved nation aka प्रजा to a time when farmers are committing suicide. Yes, I am aware many states have announced to wave off loans of thousands of farmers. But what about the Center’s decision to not support any state financially. Many states are not financially strong like Punjab. What about farmers of those states.

We are living in a country where “Social Unrest” is at peak. Murdering in name of God, Clothes, Food, Language, a piece of land. Moreover any religion does not give authority to kill female, kids, senior citizen. Right? Not even when it’s a war. Kings never fought in name of religion. They fought for power. You aren’t King Mr. ( we all know who). Stop giving money  to unemployed youth for killing, supplying liquor in slums before election, killing for eating beef. Give them education and some moral values. They might bring you more voters this way.

We do worship Cow, coz it’s pure in every possible form.

But if we can easily order it online. Why can’t a person from minority community have it inside his home.  U.P. & Haryana you aren’t that far from National Capital. Rules should be same everywhere.


Dear Religiously schizophrenic mob and there leader (you know who – Lord Voldemort Of India ):   Your religious interpretation skill sucks.  Stop killing,  Let Supreme Court decide whether or not someone is guilty, whether or not they offended your religious beliefs, they should or shouldn’t be killed /punished/ dragged out from home /thrown out from train / chopped or whatever.  “Shed Hate Not Blood”

Life is precious; it takes 9 months to give birth, few years to speak first word, few more to just walk on our own, many years to even spell Hindi, Muslim, Sikh, and Jain, many ages to even read and thoroughly understand any religious book.

But a second to create them: Nirbhaya | Damini | Suryanelli | Aruna Shanbaug | Junaid | Numerous Other North Eastern Names | And More Who Didn’t

Make It To The Headline or Even Newspapers .


Stop Killing, Stop This Game Of Hatred, Live and Let The Whole World Live In Peace. So many places to go, So many languages to learn, So many stars and planet yet to explored. Life has endless options to keep you busy for a lifetime or more. Move over communism, casteism, racesim, gender inequality.


P.S. Ignore if it offends you. I am angry.

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