Hey! I’m Tulika

A girl with a mind that never sleeps. Born and raised in ‘Spring city’ of India, living a nomadic live in pursuit of something never read on books, finally life bring me to Delhi. I have been coming up with ideas, thoughts and goals, but never knew how to pen them down. For more than three years, I have helped others just like you and me at time super hot-shots to create a brand identity and beautify their online space as a Social Media Manager & Graphics Designer.


So, finally it’s time for me to choose a goal for myself and see it through until the end. It’s how I learn and grow as a human / designer / creative buff / restless mind / sleeping child, coz I can go on and on. I started enjoying the whole concept of fashion, food and behind the stage madness of Bollywood and started posting about them on my blog and Instagram along with other behind-the-scenes daily snaps of my life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about me and my blog Indian Chic On Budget. I will read all of your comments and queries so don’t be shy!

Yeah, so, I pretty much do everything. Next stop: tackling that whole space

Drop Your Love,

♥♥♥Boss Girl Building Her Empire♥♥♥